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For some businesses, securing access to specific areas by authorized personnel can be a complex task.  Pacific Digicom can assist by designing, installing and maintaining an access control system that fits both your security requirements and your budget.  From simple point-to-point intercoms to centralized multi-device access control systems, your facility can be secured with the best technology available today while giving you the capability to audit employee activity, manage and update access on the fly, and keep vital assets safe from unauthorized entry 24/7.

Access Control Applications & Devices

  • Card and Proximity Readers
  • Biometric Scanners
  • Voice and Video Intercoms
  • Remote Door Release
  • ADA Compliant Door Openers
  • Pin Pad Locks
  • ​Bluetooth Mobile Device Locks
  • Employee Access Audit Trails
  • IP Based Control Systems
  • Camera Integrated Door Control