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The Importance of Proper Cable Abatement:

  • Reduce dangerous weight accumulation above ceilings
  • Remove potential fire fuel
  • Compliance with California Electrical and Seismic Codes
  • Eliminate RFI interference created by old cabling "antenna effect"
  • Clear impacted cabling pathways to make room for new cabling
  • Reduce unsightly, tangled cable bundles in exposed areas

Commercial buildings are plagued by the constant need to upgrade and reinstall new cabling to keep pace with ever evolving technology.  Unfortunately, the old cabling is often simply disconnected and left to accumulate above the ceiling and behind walls, growing into a ever increasing tangle of weight and waste.  The California Electrical Code states that all unused, abandoned cabling installed in a building must be removed, which can be a tedious or even dangerous task if you don't know which cables to cut!  Fortunately, Pacific Digicom can help.