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Your business runs smoothly most of the time, and since you don't typically encounter technical problems, it doesn't make financial sense to staff a full-time IT department.  But then, something suddenly goes wrong and downtime becomes a ticking time bomb.  Sound familiar?  Not to worry.  Pacific Digicom offers on-demand IT support just when you need it most.  We'll get your office back up and running fast, so you can get back to focusing on productivity.  And if your company has one or more satellite offices without on-site support, we are happy to assist whenever needed.

How We Can Help

  • On Demand Support with no Long Term Contracts
  • ​Regularly Scheduled Maintenance as Needed
  • Emergency After-Hours Service
  • ​Repair or Replacement of Damaged Cable or Equipment
  • Remote Desktop and Telephone Support Avilable
  • Backup and Redundancy Solutions to Prevent Future Downtime