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Ingredients for a Professional,

Efficient Telecom Room:

  • Proper Initial Space Planning
  • Adequate Cooling and Airflow
  • Sufficient Cable Management
  • Linear, Comprehensive Labeling
  • Consistent, Clean Cable Routing
  • Engineered Expansion Room
  • Dedicated Grounding and Bonding
  • Scheduled Patch Maintenance
  • Stock of Uniform Patch Cables
  • Correct Mounting Accessories

When you invest in nice furniture and decor to make your office feel efficient and professional, it can be shocking to discover that the core of your business technology - the main telecom room - looks like a rat's nest of disorganized cables and equipment.  Neglect often begins during the initial setup, escalating over months and years until IT management becomes arduous, time consuming and costly.  Let Pacific Digicom get your technology installed correctly the first time.  We also specialize in telecom room face lifts if you're already past the point of no return!

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