All too often, we discover that many of our clients have inherited a network cabling system or other vital technology that was installed long ago and was never properly documented.  Valuable time and energy is wasted trying to track down a port ID, figure out if an outlet can be used, or which cable connects to which device.  Sometimes you don't even know if the cable quality is up to the task of handling your high speed network traffic.  Pacific Digicom specializes in cable testing and certification, and can even create and maintain a comprehensive floor plan for your IT team's future reference.

Testing and Documentation Services Include:

  • Category 7/6A/6/5e Certification
  • Gigabit FX/LX/SX Fiber Certification
  • Network Traffic Analysis
  • Customized PDF Technical Reports
  • Blueprinting Existing Installations
  • Tracing and Labeling Panels & Outlets
  • Identifying Unlabeled Terminals
  • CADD Rack Elevation Drawings
  • Cable Pathway Documentation
  • Verification of Code Compliance
  • Creating Network Topology Charts

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