Solving Tech Problems Is Our Specialty!

  • Replacing Old, Faulty Cabling
  • Fixing Telecom Grounding Issues
  • Tracking Down Audio Hum
  • Clearing Up Poor Video Quality
  • Boosting Weak Wireless Signals
  • Speeding Up Slow Networks
  • Virus & Malware Removal
  • Solving Intermittent Connections
  • Cleaning & Organizing Equipment
  • Resolving Battery & Power Issues

At Pacific Digicom, we take pride in our reputation as extraordinary problem solvers.  Our defining motto is "never let an inanimate object outsmart you!"  After resolving some mysterious technical problem for a client, we have heard time and again that we were the only company that could ever get to the root of the issue and finally save the day.  With decades of combined experience spanning multiple technologies, we have never encountered an issue we could not solve - and we've seen it all.  Our meticulous, step by step approach always pinpoints the problem, no matter how improbable or unusual.

JBC Digicommunications BBB Business Review

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