Reliable WiFi coverage is a necessity in today's business environment.  Often, building obstructions, competing radio signals and design limitations make it difficult to achieve this without a bit of homework and expertise.  Pacific Digicom understands these challenges and can work with your IT team to deploy a wireless network infrastructure that provides exceptional bandwidth, coverage and signal strength with minimal investment.  Does your WiFi connection appear to have good signal strength but still seems slow?  We can show you how to resolve that too.

WiFi Related Applications & Services

  • Signal Strength Mapping
  • Access Point Mounting & Installation
  • Wireless VLAN Configuration
  • PoE Ethernet and Console Cabling
  • Radio Interference Mitigation
  • Antenna Selection and Tuning
  • Site-to-Site Microwave Links
  • Wireless Router Configuration
  • ​Wireless Audio & Video Transmission
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